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Is Squeezing a Tennis Ball a Good Workout?

Defining a good workout is partly subjective; what a marathon runner considers to be a good workout might differ from someone who is just beginning to exercise after leading a more sedentary lifestyle or recovering from surgery. However, squeezing a tennis ball does have positive benefits associated with strength building

General Rules & Regulations for Tennis

Understanding the general rules and regulations of tennis is a first step to enjoying a sport you can play all year-round, with minimal equipment and just one other person. While there are slight rules variations between amateur and professional tennis, the object of the game is the same at all

How to Keep Sweaty Hands Dry for Tennis

Sweat can be detrimental to an athlete, especially in tennis, in which having dry or sweaty hands can be the difference between hitting a winner and sending the ball flying to no-man’s land. Sweat is a normal function of the human body that helps regulate body temperature. The sympathetic nervous

Hard Vs. Clay Court Tennis Balls

You might think a tennis ball is simply a felt-covered rubber object. For the most part this is true. However, manufacturers make several types of tennis balls for different playing surfaces and conditions. Balls designed for hard courts differ from ones designed for clay courts. The subtle differences directly affect